Sew In Weaves

Have you grown tired of your regular hair? Well look into getting some extensions! Beauty Concepts Salon is your go to stylist for all sew in weavestypes of weaves in Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX. Call us today to schedule your appointment at 817-724-9059.

Types of Weaves

For clients looking to add length and/or fullness to their natural mane, weaves are the perfect option. Full sew in or partial sew in (tracks) options are available and can be achieved with either synthetic or human hair extensions.

Full sew in – Full sew in weaves offer the most elegant, natural transformation. Stylists use the weaving method to add length or volume to natural hair. It could also involve a process of attaching special hair weave extensions to a cornrow braid pattern that lies across the head used as a base to maintain and support the weave extension sewing method.

Partial sew in (tracks) – Tracks are a fast, simple way of adding fullness or length to one’s natural hair. This hairstyle is easier to maintain because there is enough natural hair left out to shampoo, condition, and style to one’s desires.

The amount of time that this style takes depends on the client and the style desired.

There is so much versatility with this style, as it is with most braiding styles. So if you’re looking to switch it up a bit, this may be what you need. Call 817-724-9059 to schedule your appointment your for you weave hair style in Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX. Beauty Concepts Salon is second to none!