Faux Locks

faux locksSo you’re in love with the look and idea of dreadlocks, but you are not quite ready for that full “commitment” yet. Luckily for you, there is a creative hair style called faux locks. This style simulates the look of dreads without actually having to lock your hair. So if you’re in the Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX area considering faux locks, contact Beauty Concepts Salon at 817-724-9059.

Things to Know About Faux Locks

This unique style starts with single braids and the mimicked appearance of natural dreadlocks is achieved by using a tight wrapping technique around each braid. The wrapping can be done with synthetic or human hair or even yarn, if you’re choosing to go with a more unique look. These temporary dreadlocks can last for up to three months, with proper care. Because these faux locks can come in all types of lengths and sizes, styling times can vary between clients.

This edgy style has become quite popular. So if you would like to give faux locks a go in the Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX area, call today. Our hair braiding gurus will have you leaving our shop like an entirely new person. Dial 817-724-9059.