Crochet Braids

Crochet BraidsAre you thinking about getting crochet braids in the Dallas or Grand Prairie, TX area? Contact Beauty Concepts Salon to set up your appointment today. You can reach us online or by simply dialing 817-724-9059.

Braiding Patterns For Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are a low maintenance style created using a cornrow base, then completed by adding natural-looking, or kinky, extensions.

  • Beehive Cornrows – This pattern circles the head from the crown of the head to the perimeter, resembling a beehive. The beehive braiding pattern is ideal for someone looking for a more voluminous style.
  • Cornrows from ear to ear (Horizontal) – This pattern does well with hair that is straight in texture and pre-braided or pre-twisted. The horizontal pattern allows the hair to lay flat without having to worry about parts being exposed.
  • Cornrows from front to back (Vertical) – The vertical pattern going straight to the back of the head ends with the braids attached at the nape of the neck.This braid pattern serves as a good base for more curl and wavy hair. It allows you to be able to where the hair pinned up without exposing any braids.

This style can take anywhere between two to three hours to install.

Whether you’re wanting to go straight, curly, or with twists or braids, it’s all possible with versatile crochet braids. When you’re at Beauty Concepts Salon, your hair couldn’t be in better hands. So if you’re looking to get crochet braids in Dallas or Grand Prairie, TX, call 817-724-9059 today.