Box Braids

box braidsAre you looking to get your box braids done in Grand Prairie, TX or even near Dallas? Sound like you need to give Beauty Concept Salon a call at 817-724-9059.

Box braids are completed using a unique, four-strand braiding technique with extensions and box-shaped parting at the client’s scalp. The box braid style has been most recognized in pop culture from Janet Jackson’s character in the film “Poetic Justice.” The hair is completely braided from the scalp to the end of the braid. Our professional braid technicians work to ensure that you are completely satisfied and educated on how to properly care for your hair after leaving the salon. The tips of box braids can be worn burned, curled, weaved, or straight. The amount of hair used depends on the desired length of the braids.

What to Know Before Getting Your Box Braids

You should come in with an idea of how thick you would like your box braids to be. Do you want them to be on the thinner side or thicker? Our braid technicians can also help you determine the perfect braid size for your hair thickness so you get the right amount of volume and comfortable weight.

You should also prepare yourself for the time that it take for this style. With our skilled braid techs, this style takes two to three hours, depending on the client’s hair.

There is only one place that you need to call when looking for the best box braid styles Dallas or Grande Prairie, TX. Reach Beauty Concepts Salon at 817-724-9059. With over 20 years of experience in hair braiding, we are the number choice in DFW.